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This is a step by step guide for installing and configuring your Diablo II to start playing on our server.

First of all you need a game client. On our server modified version 1.11b of Diablo II is used - Alkar Mod v1.21c, so a seperate game client is required, wich is incompatible with other servers.
You may use one of three installers (by fellow):
  • diablo2lod_alkar_mod_full.exe (1,78 GB) - full game client with Alkar Mod included;
  • diablo2lod_alkar_mod_lite.exe (716 MB) - lightweight game client with Alkar Mod included; music, videos and speech are cut out;
  • diablo2lod_alkar_mod_pure.exe (6,24 MB) - Alkar Mod only, especially for use with the third-party game clients.
    The Administration is not responsible for any circumstances caused by third-party game clients. Use at your own risk.
Код: Выделить всё
diablo2lod_alkar_mod_full.exe: 49CCBCF5F0B487013BF5D1B54D928468
diablo2lod_alkar_mod_lite.exe: 7EA3C01A30DD08DE54AAADDDF072922D
diablo2lod_alkar_mod_pure.exe: EC125D65145CD1FF4C9E337EBC21C7AA

Install the game using the appropriate installer for you. In all cases, in addition to the Diablo II, Alkar Mod, D2Loader and C3PO will be installed, required compability settings and registry keys will be set up, and shortcuts for D2Loader and C3PO will be created on your desktop and in the Start menu. At the end of the installation you will be asked to conduct video test, do so, choose the prefered video renderer, after what configure Glide Wrapper in appropriate way (if needed).

Attention! Some antivirus software falsely detect D2Loader and/or C3PO included in the installer as trojans. There is absolutely no malware in provided installation files. Safely install the game, but add D2Loader-1.11b.exe and C3PO\C3PO.exe files to your antivirus exceptions list, if neccessary.

(*) C3PO is a program that allows you to simultaneously launch multiple copies of the game and has some other useful features. It needs some basic configuration for game to work properly:
  1. Launch C3PO and specify D2Loader executable file, D2Loader-1.11b.exe.
  2. Configure windows, modes and custom parameters for a game.
You may also further configure the program with a help of the following article (in Russian, use Google Translate ;)).

Good luck! :)

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