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Rune magic allows to endow your character with a special magical skills by of composing different rune combinations.
Only characters with Character Advantage Runologist can make use of Rune Magic.
Rune combination is a set of 6 runes, composed in a particular order (this means that combination Mal Mal Mal Mal Mal Ist is not the same as combination Ist Mal Mal Mal Mal Mal). Rune combinations can be composed from the runes Mal, Ist, Gul and Vex.

Each rune has its own number in the Rune Magic. Mal – 1, Ist – 2, Gul – 3, Vex – 4. As one could already figure out, each rune combination is corresponded with a set of 6 rune numbers. For example, Mal Ist Mal Vex Gul Ist corresponds with a set of rune numbers of 1 2 1 4 3 2.

Each character upon receiving Runologist Character Advantage is assigned with a random set of magical numbers – 6 integers from 1 to 9. For example, your character may have magical numbers 2 8 6 2 3 6.

Let’s designate character’s magical numbers as M1 M2 M3 M4 M5 M6, and rune combinations as R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6.

The energy of the combination will be the result of the following equation:

For example if we take rune combination Mal Ist Mal Vex Gul Ist and character’s rune numbers of 2 8 6 2 3 6, then the energy of the combination will be equal to:

2 * 1 + 8 * 2 + 6 * 1 + 2 * 4 + 3 * 3 + 6 * 2 =
= 2 + 16 + 6 + 8 + 9 + 12 =
= 53

Players can activate rune combinations by using the Horadric Cube. To activate the combination one must first compose the rune combination (as shown on the image below) followed by the Key of Patience and press Transmute button.


Here is the example of rune combination of Ist Vex Mal Mal Ist Gul:


This recipe has an 80% success rate. Upon a success the entire content of the cube will disappear, and compiled rune combination will become “activated”. Upon fail, only key of patience will disappear, and all the runes will be given back to the character (or fall on the ground if there is not enough room in the inventory).

Upon activating rune combination, character has a possibility to activate one of the 13 magical abilities. Each ability requires a certain combination of rune energy to be activated.

For each character, energy requirements for each ability, are individual (they are assigned randomly upon activating Runologist Character Advantage). If upon a successful activation of the rune combination its energy matches the required energy of certain ability (not exceeds, buy evenly matches) than character activates this ability (a notification will popup in the game chat).

If several abilities require the same amount of energy, then the rune combination with matched energy will randomly activate one of those abilities.
There always are possible rune combinations available for each ability from the list (more likely that there will be several of them). Your task is to find the desired combination with the lowest cost.

All of the necessary information is provided in game upon entering showrm text in the game chat. You will see something like this:


As you can see on this image, active rune combination is Mal Mal Ist Mal Mal Ist, with the Arcane Warrior as an active ability. Character’s magical numbers are 2 8 6 2 3 6, you can also see the list of all the abilities with the energy requirements below.
Let’s go in depth on this example. Combination Mal Mal Ist Mal Mal Ist was composed and activated. This combination is matched with a rune numbers of 1 1 2 1 1 2. Let’s calculate the energy of this combination:
2 * 1 + 8 * 1 + 6 * 2 + 2 * 1 + 3 * 1 + 6 * 2 =
= 2 + 8 + 12 + 2 + 3 + 12 =
= 39
As we can see, the energy of this combination matches the required energy of the Arcane Warrior ability, which means that this will be the ability activated upon successful activation of this rune combination.

Players can only attempt to activate a rune combination in case when there currently is no other combinations activated. Players can also deactivate current rune combination with the help of Horadric Cube. To deactivate an ability one must place a Thawing Potion and a Key of Patience in the Cube and press Transmute button. Upon doing so the entire Cube’s content will disappear and active rune combination will be deactivated, with all of the runes spent returned to character’s inventory.
In other words players can switch between all of the 13 magical abilities by activating and deactivating them in the cube. All of the character’s characteristics (related to rune magic) will not be lost upon leaving the game.

If character has Runologist Character Advantage, but haven’t yet activated any of the magical abilities, he will be thrown into a Magical Madness state. In this state character is slowly dying (losing 5 hp per second) and loses ability to communicate (everything that comes out of character’s mouth will turn into a gibberish combinations of rune names).

If you are not satisfied with magical numbers or energy requirements of you character, you can always randomize them again with the help of Horadric Cube. To do that – place Mal rune and Key of Patience into the Cube and press Transmute button. Upon doing so, the entire content of the cube will vaporize, and all of the numbers will change to new random ones, current rune combination and magical ability will be deactivated, and runes that formed it will be returned to inventory.

Now let’s go in depth with each of the abilities available.
To completely understand the information below it is recommended to read a thread about Character Advantages (the part before the list of Advantages):

1) Clean Strike
Damage output (physical, magic, elemental, poison) for attacks with a weapon against undead is increased 1.03 times.
There is 85% chance that Hit Causes Monster To Flee and Hit Blinds Target effects from items will not trigger.
There is 85% chance that X% Chance To Cast Level Y [Skill Name] On Striking, X% Chance To Cast Level Y [Skill Name] On Attack и X% Chance To Cast Level Y [Skill Name] When You Kill An Enemy, if Skill Name is Weaken or Iron Maiden effects from weapons will not trigger.
2) Rapid Heartbeat
Blood Rush points for killing monsters are increased by 5%
3) Planeswalking
Damage output (physical, magic, elemental, poison) against monsters in Lands of Peril is increased 1.06 times.
4) Potent Revivification
Damage output (physical, magic, elemental, poison) of Skeletal Mage is multiplied by (65536 + 1620 * skeletal_mage_level + 1890 * (golem_mastery_base_level + summon_resist_base_level) + 630 * (revive_level + skeleton_mastery_level)) / 65536.
Damage output (physical, magic, elemental, poison) of Revive is multiplied by (65536 + 360 * revive_level + 840 * (golem_mastery_base_level + summon_resist_base_level) + 140 * (skeletal_mage_level + skeleton_mastery_level)) / 65536.
Positive damage output of any type (physical, magic, elemental, poison) of Revive is increased by 250.
5) Fast learning
Character gains 4% more experience.
6) Curse resistance
Monsters will fail to curse players with Amplify Damage, Decrepify, Lower Resist and Blood Mana curses 33.3% of the time.
Monsters will fail to curse players with Iron Maiden 60% of the time.
7) Crippling Halo
If the distance between your character and his enemy is more than 12.66yd and less than 8yd, then character’s (and his minions) damage output against this monster is increased 1.2 times, and character’s weapon attacks additionally reduce enemy’s hp by 10 + 0.005 * max_hp, where max_hp – is maximum a maximum hp of the enemy.
Crippling Halo’s scope is approximately indicated on the following screenshot:
8) Smithcraft
When upgrading a weapon with the help of Duriel Flag, there is an additional chance to add +5% Enhanced Damage and +1% Increased Attack Speed, if this item previously had more than 100% Enhanced Damage.
When upgrading boots with the help of Mephisto Flag, additional +5 life and +15% Enhanced Defense will always be added.
9)Arcane Warrior
Your character’s physical attack damage is multiplied by 0.95.
At the same time efficiency of X% Chance To Cast Level Y [Skill Name] On Striking, X% Chance To Cast Level Y [Skill Name] On Attack and X% Chance To Cast Level Y [Skill Name] When You Kill An Enemy effects are improved drastically.
If skill casted by this effects is native to the character’s class (like a Fire Ball for sorceress or Amplify Damage for Necromancer), then its level becomes equal to MIN(max_lvl, multiplier * lvl + adder), where lvl is a a skill level, and max_lvl, multiplier, adder, class_multiplier, class_adder are values that depend on the skill and are listed in the table below.
Depending on the skill, the number of successful operations of this effect per hit is increased (this means that skills are cast more rapidly, and in addition there is a chance to fire multiple copies of the same skill in one attack).
Additional operations are determined by the bonus_checks value, which is listed in the table below. [bonus_checks / 100] number if additional operations are always made, with one more operation with a chance of (bonus_checks - 100 * [bonus_checks / 100])%, where [x] is the integer part of x. For example, if bonus_checks = 270, then there will be 2 additional operations with a chance of 30% and 3 with a chance of 70%. If bonus_checks=10, than there is a 10% for a single additional operation. If bonus_checks = 300, then there always will be 3 additional operations. Let’s just say, that this 3 additional operations have the same effect (in a sense of casting spells with the help of mentioned item properties) as if you instantly made 3 additional hits during your attack.
This ability only works for character’s spells. Firestorm from Hellfire Torch is not included.
10) Spectral Ray
If your character deals damage with a weapon, and this damage satisfies the following conditions, then there is a 66.6% chance that from the damaged enemy invisible Spectral Ray will erupt.
This ray spreads itself instantly in the direction of your hit, and strikes all the enemies on his way. It also damages the target from which it has erupted with a 30% chance.
If your character is Amazon, for Spectral Ray to invoke, the following conditions must be met:
magic_dmg > 0.8 * phys_dmg.
If your character is Paladin, for Spectral Ray to invoke, the following conditions must be met:
cold_dmg + light_dmg > 2 * phys_dmg.
If your character is Barbarian, for Spectral Ray to invoke, the following conditions must be met:
magic_dmg > 0.6 * phys_dmg.
If your character is Assassin, for Spectral Ray to invoke, the following conditions must be met:
cold_dmg + light_dmg > 0.6 * phys_dmg.
Spectral Ray is not available for other classes.
Spectral Ray deals fire, cold and lightning damage equal to (for each of the elements) 0.222 * (magic_dmg + cold_dmg + light_dmg + fire_dmg / 8).
magic_dmg, cold_dmg, light_dmg, fire_dmg, phys_dmg are the respective values of elemental damage with a weapon after all the corresponding Character Advantages are applied.
Spectral Ray cannot be invoked more than once per frame. Ray is considered a spell in is modified by the corresponding Character Advantages.
11) Demonic Pact
Your character’s life is being permanently drained at the rate of 1 health point per second.
Poison damage output against monsters is increased 1.1 times (requires 8 skulls to work)
Magic damage output against monsters is increased 1.06 times (requires 8 skulls to work)

12) Transmutation
Character gains an ability to use 3 additional Horadric Cube recipes.
a) 4 Standard of Heroes = Vex Rune
b) 6 Andariel Flag = Akara Flag
c) 3 Similar Items = New Similar Item
In this recipe you should put 3 items in the cube which have the same quality (Magic, Rare, Set or Unique) and the same base type (For example - 3 Mythical Swords or 3 Jewels). Upon successful transmutation you will receive a new item of the same base type and quality (if it is possible) directly to your character’s inventory or on the ground (if there is no space in the inventory).
Ilvl of the new item is equal to MAX(ilvl1, MAX(ilvl2, ilvl3)), where ilvl1, ilvl2, ilvl3 are the item levels of the initial items.
This recipe does not work for Magic quality Amulets and Rings, Unique Dimensional Shard and Unique Unearthed Wand.
It is not recommended to use this recipe more than once in the same game, otherwise you run the risk of getting Rare item instead of Unique.
13) Wondrous Luck
Efficiency of Sharper Character Advantage is increased. (check out the description in the corresponding thread).

Key of Patience is dropped from Witch Doctor Endugu, who dwells in the Flayer Dungeon Level 3, of act 3, near the chest with Khalim’s Brain. Upon the shaman’s death, fetish that carried shaman on his shoulders will continue to fight with you. Both of them have a chance to drop Key of Patience this chance is equal to 1.85%.

To be able to see all of the message pop ups on our server you must :
- turn off Auto Squelch Noisy Chat Messages option in C3PO (tab Key Config, group More Auto Options).
- turn off Auto Corpse Mode option in C3PO (tab Key Config, group More Auto Options).
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