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There is a special permanent quest on our realm called Bounty Hunter which represents a competition between players for valuable prizes. The game places a bounty on a certain monster, and the first player to slain that monster will receive the reward. This quest only works In Hell difficulty games on Ladder Expansion.
Let’s conduct a detailed examination of how this quest works.
This quest consists of 3 stages (repeated endlessly in a loop) – preparation stage, hunting stage, and break stage (resting stage).
1) During the preparation stage
At the certain moment in time all of the Expansion Ladder players on Hell difficulty (henceforth just “all of the players”) receive notification, which says that “The hunt is about to begin!”
With this notification being sent the first stage of the quest (preparation stage) begins and lasts for 2 minutes. During this time players may finish their current affairs and prepare themselves for the hunt. Even if the player wasn’t in a game when the notification ran through, he will still get it upon entering a game during the preparation stage.
2) The hunt
After the preparation stage is finished, it comes the time for the hunting stage. When this happens, all of the players receive another notification, this time it will say that the hunt has begun and will contain useful information regarding the target monster and classes that are allowed to hunt him (nothing will happen, if player, whose character class is not on the list will slain the target). This message goes as follows “Now the hunt begins! Wanted monster: XXX Allowed Class: YYY, where XXX – monster’s name and YYY – list of classes allowed hunting. There’s a 50% that only one class will appear in that list, 30% - two classes and 12% that the hunt will be available for three classes. Classes are chosen randomly, there’s an equal probability for each class to enter the pool. If the player enters a game during the hunting stage, he will be notified about how much time of this phase is left.

Target monster can be chosen randomly from one of the three basic monster types.
Here are the possible monster types:
a) Normal random unique monsters which inhabit Hell games. Their names will contain prefix Unique upon notification. For example, “Unique Hell Bovine”, “Unique Zombie”, “Unique Burning Soul”. This monster type can be chosen with a 40% chance.
b) Superunique monsters (these are the lesser type of bosses that have their own names), such as Bishibosh, Toorc Icefist, Pindleskin. This type of monsters can be chosen with a 40% chance.
c) Act bosses (Andariel, Duriel, Mephisto, Diablo, Baal) and some of the quest monsters (Blood Raven, Griswold, Radament, The Summoner, Izual, Korlic, Madawc, Talic, Nihlathak. This monster type can be chosen with a 20% chance.
Moreover, there are 3 different difficulties for the hunt which are applied randomly – Easy, Medium and Hard:
a) If Easy difficulty was chosen, than the hunting stage lasts up to 11 minutes, and target’s name will be complete (without the letters being replaced with dashes in it). This difficulty has a 25% chance to be applied.
b) On Medium setting hunting stage lasts up to 10 minutes, and some of the letters in the target’s name may be replaced with dashes. To be precise, there will be a single random dash in each of the words that form the name of monsters longer than 3 letters (the probability of the first letter to be hidden is lower). This difficulty will be chosen with a 50% chance.
c) On Hard difficulty hunting stage lasts up to 9 minutes, and each of the letters from the target’s name has a 30% chance to be replaced with a dash. This difficulty will be chosen 25% of the time.

If someone from the participants (who meets the class requirements for the particular target) kills the target, than the hunt ends (this means that there can’t be more than a one winner) and the resting stage begins. If targets stays alive till the end of the hunting stage, than the hunt ends anyway (depending on the time limit listed in the difficulty section). And then again the resting stage begins.
Players will be informed of the hunt’s end by the global message “The hunt is over for now!”
If there is 5 minutes left till the end of the hunting stage, and the target is still alive, than another random monster will be added to the target pool with a random class restriction (however the restrictions for the previous target are more likely to be applied), and players will receive a message saying “The hunt is taking too long! Another wanted monster added!” In addition to that, a new target’s name and a new list of restrictions will also be announced.

For each character, his every 6th successful hunt will pass without ending the hunting stage, but also will not be rewarded the usual way. When this happens you will see a 200000 gold and massage that says “Your killing spree is over! No reward for you this time!” instead of your usual reward.
If during the hunting stage a character from the list uses a Town Portal that belongs to another player, he will receive a message saying “You must use your own means of travel when hunting!”
In addition to that, even if this character will successfully hunt a wanted monster in this game, nothing will happen.

3) Resting stage.
There is a break between each hunt. The length of the brake will last for a random time period. There is a 95% that this period will last from 40 to 80 minutes and a 5% chance that it will last for exactly 20 minutes.
When the break is over, a preparation stage will commence once again, thus creating an infinite loop.

The target monster may not necessarily be present in the current game (he may have never even spawned there, or was killed), or there may be several viable targets in it. It is your job to find him, wherever he is.
When player successfully kills the target, the following things will occur:
1) All of the players are informed, that target was slain. In addition to that, killer’s account and character names will be revealed.
2) Player will be rewarded with Diablo Flag (will be placed directly in the inventory). This occurs with a 75% chance in a normal games and 100% chance in the Lands of Peril.
3) A number of bounty points will be added to player’s balance. For normal games this number is 1, and for Lands of peril – 2. Additionally there is a 20% chance that one more point will be added to this value, despite the game type. These points are saved between the games, to check your balance – type charinfo in the game chat and look under the “Bounties” section. One cannot have more than 1023 bounty points (they will simply not be added past that value).
4) If player is in the normal game (not In the Lands of Peril) he will be additionally rewarded with 800 000 Blood Rush bonus points. This number of points can be assigned not more than once per game. If additional successful hunts will occur in the same game, only 200 000 points will be given to player per bounty.

If character has more than 25 Bounty Points stored at a time, than incoming damage (physical, magic, elemental, and poison) against this character will be multiplied by 0.95.
Diablo Flag is used in the following Horadric Cube recipe:
5 Diablo Flag + Key of Greed = Bounty Hunter Reward
Character will additionally receive (directly to the inventory):
- Perfect Ruby
- Perfect Sapphire
- Perfect Emerald
- Um Rune

Upon the implementation of this recipe, 5 Bounty Points will be subtracted from the character’s balance. If there are less than 5 Bounty Points on the character’s balance, than his remaining points will turn to zero, and the effect of the recipe is considered as incomplete.
The following rewards will be always given upon the execution of the recipe, but if its effect was incomplete, than only 2/3 of the listed values will be given:
- 5 hp (not more than 100 hp total can be acquired this way
- 0.75 mp
- 1000000 gold
- 1000000 xp
- 6 random Magic Small Charms (ilvl = 86 with a 80% chance and ilvl = 99 with a 20% chance; each chance is calculated per charm)
- 3 random Magic Rare Jewels (ilvl = 99)

The following reward may be given with a certain chance (there even is a small chance to get all of them at once). For the incomplete effect all the values are at 2/3.
- 1 Skill Point (not more than 2 Skill Points) с шансом 3.333%
- 1 Stat Point with a chance of 5%
- 20000000 experience points with a chance of 10%
- 8 Hel Runes with a chance of 8.333%
- Ist Rune with a chance of 20%
- Ohm Rune with a chance of 6%
- Ber Rune with a chance of 1%
- Superior Mage Plate with a chance of 6.66%
- Superior Archon Plate with a chance of 6.66%
- Hadriel Flag with a chance of 33.33%
- Andariel Flag with a chance of 6.66%
- Akara Flag with a chance of 2.5%
- Random Skiller of Vita with a chance of 5.55%
- Random Unique Elite Weapon/Armor with a chance of 16.66%
- Random Unique Jewel with a chance of 10%
- Random Unique Ring (ilvl = 99) with a chance of 20%
- 8 Rare Rings (ilvl = 99) with a chance of 20%

*Skiller of Vita – is a Grand Charm of Vita (+(36-40) to Life), that increases one of the skill tabs by 1. More popular skill tabs have an increased chance of appearance.
**Unique Elite Weapon/Armor is a random item, which is chosen (probability is the same for each one) from the list below:
Код: Выделить всё
 The Redeemer, Griffon's Eye, Jade Talon, Ondal's Wisdom, Andariel's Visage,
Messerschmidt's Reaver, Lightsabre, Azurewrath, Fleshripper, Harlequin Crest,
Rune Master, Eschuta's Temper, Stone Crusher, Schaefer's Hammer, Sandstorm Trek,
Shadow Dancer, Crown of Ages, Marrowwalk, Doombringer, Tomb Reaver,
Dracul's Grasp, Wolfhowl, Arachnid Mesh, Demon Limb, Widowmaker,
Nosferatu's Coil, Lacerator, Leviathan, Heaven's Light, Astreon's Iron Ward,
The Grandfather, Stormlash, Horizon's Tornado, Nightwing's Veil, Veil of Steel,
Earth Shifter, The Cranium Basher, Windforce, Death Cleaver, Death's Web,
Hellslayer, Ormus' Robes, The Reaper's Toll, Verdungo's Hearty Cord, Warshrike,
Death's Fathom, Kira's Guardian

***Akara flag may be used in a following Horadric Cube recipe:
Akara Flag + Key of Patience = Return All Stats To Pool
When this recipe is used, your character may alter his stats the he likes.

- Key of Greed
Is dropped from High Councils (not only from the Bosses, but from the minions as well), that dwell in the 3rd act, particularly in Travincal and Durance of Hate Level 3.
This chance is fixed, and doesn’t depend on the number of players in game or magic find and is equal to 1/297.
- Key of Patience
Is dropped from the fetish shaman Witch Doctor Endugu, who can be found in the 3rd act Flyer Dungeon Level 3 map, near the stash with Khalim’s Brain.
After the death of the shaman, fetish who was holding the shaman on his shoulders will continue fighting with you, he can drop the key with the same chance as a shaman. This chance is fixed and does not depend on anything and is equal to 1/54.
Both of the keys are highlighted purple.
To be able to see all of the message pop ups on our server you must :
- turn off Auto Squelch Noisy Chat Messages option in C3PO (tab Key Config, group More Auto Options).
- turn off Auto Corpse Mode option in C3PO (tab Key Config, group More Auto Options).
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