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Owning a high level character may be a pleasant thing by itself, however our players have an additional incentive to level their characters.
One of them is glory, because on our server a special system is implemented, that globally alerts everyone about the achievements of the players.
If a Softcore character of level 95 and higher (for Hardcore – 91 and higher) levels up, all of the players on server will receive a colored notification saying that player x achieved level y.
If a character of the level 92 or higher dies on Hardcore, then all of the players on server will be notified about it the same way as in the previous example.
Besides glory, players also receive rewards of a different value based on the level achieved. Here is the list of rewards as per level:
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 90: Hadriel Flag
91: Hadriel Flag
92: 2 Hadriel Flags, Um Rune, Rare Jewel
93: 3 Hadriel Flags, Mal Rune
94: 1 HP/MP, 5 Hadriel Flags, Gul Rune, 4 Rare Jewels
95: 2 HP/MP, 8 Hadriel Flags, Gul Rune, 2 Unique Rings
96: 5 Stat Points, Mephisto Flag, Ohm Rune, 2 Unique Jewels, Random Skiller of Vita (8% Chance)
97: 3 HP/MP, 2 Stat Points, Andariel Flag, Lo Rune, Random Skiller of Vita (30% Chance)
98: 5 HP/MP, Skill Point, Stat Point, 3 Duriel Flags, Sur Rune, Random Skiller of Vita (For Your Class)
99: 10 HP/MP, Skill Point, 10 Andariel Flags, Jah Rune, Grim Hailstone, Spiral Emblem, Akara Flag, Blood Rush Points Bonus

The reward will be put directly to the character’s inventory (or on the ground if there is not enough room).
Now let’s take a closer look at some of the rewards.

1) Random Skiller of Vita (X% Chance)
Skiller of Vita is a Grand Charm of Vita (+(36-40) to Life), that increases all the skills of the specific skill tab by 1. More popular skill tabs among players have an increased chance of being generated.

2) Random Skiller of Vita (For Your Class)
This means that one of your character’s skill tabs will be chosen randomly as a skill bonus on this charm.

3) Grim Hailstone
Grim Hailstone
Crafted Grand Charm

Required Level: 97

+15% Increased Attack Speed
+15% Faster Cast Rate
+20% Faster Run/Walk
+40 Life After Each Kill
Reduces All Vendor Prices 40%
Level 18 Find Item (120 charges)

It is possible to own multiple Grim Hailstones simultaneously, however, when this occurs (even if any of them are in the stash), character won’t be able to use skills and will die from any attack. Also he won’t be able to talk to vendors.

4) Spiral Emblem
Spiral Emblem
Crafted Small Charm

Required Level: (85-90)

+(2-3)% To Experience Gained
-(4-6)% To Enemy Fire Resistance
-(4-6)% To Enemy Lightning Resistance
+(3-5)% To Poison Skill Damage
-(6-8)% Target Defense
(35-45)% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items
+(80-100)% Damage To Undead
3% Chance to Cast Level 15 Static Field On Striking

It is possible to own more than one Crafted Small Charm at a time, however, when this occurs; character won’t be able to use skills and will die from any attack

5) Akara Flag
This item can be used as an ingredient in the Horadric Cube for the following recipe:
Akara Flag + Key of Patience = Return All Stats To Pool
After using this recipe, you have the opportunity to completely reallocate all of your Stat Points.

Key of Patience is dropped from the fetish shaman Witch Doctor Endugu, who can be found in the 3rd act Flyer Dungeon Level 3 map, near the stash with Khalim’s Brain.
After the death of the shaman, fetish who was holding the shaman on his shoulders will continue fighting with you, he can drop the key with the same chance as a shaman. This chance is fixed and does not depend on anything and is equal to 1/54.

6) Blood Rush Points Bonus
Character gains a permanent 6.25% Blood Rush points bonus for killing monsters.

To be able to see all of the message pop ups on our server you must:
- turn off Auto Squelch Noisy Chat Messages option in C3PO (tab Key Config, group More Auto Options).
- turn off Auto Corpse Mode option in C3PO (tab Key Config, group More Auto Options).
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