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The banners, under which armies were lead by the Prime Evils, have absorbed the magical energy emanations of these legendary creatures. Patient adventurers can obtain these banners and use the powers bestowed in them for their benefit.
To call upon the banners, one may use the Horadric Cube. These are the secret formulas:
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10 Perfect Gems or Skulls = 1 Hadriel Flag
10 Hadriel Flag = 1 Andariel Flag
11 Hadriel Flag = 1 Duriel Flag
12 Hadriel Flag = 1 Mephisto Flag

The Banners will be invoked directly to the caller’s inventory or on the ground next to him, if the inventory is full.
To release the banner's energy, one may use the power of the Horadric Cube.
Mephisto Flag’s energy has the power to enhance some of the boots properties. To do that - put the boots on the ground close to yourself, and mix the following ingredients in the Cube:
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 Mephisto Flag + Unique Ring + Mal Rune

Note: Manald Heal and Nagelring are not considered as unique rings.

To release the energy of banner’s energy, you character must be at least level 66 on hell difficulty.
It is only possible to enhance Magic, Rare, Set, Unique and Crafted boots.
Each given pair of boots cannot be enhanced more than once.
This enhancement doesn’t affect the boot’s ability to be additionally upgraded via Horadric Cube (Normal -> Exceptional и Exceptional -> Elite ) and vice versa.

The enhancements works by a set of special rules;
Level requirements will be increased by 6; it will no longer be possible to put the boots in trade window or sell them to vendors.

Warning!!! After the enhancement it will no longer be possible to put boots in Anya’s personalize window. Therefore you must perform this operation beforehand.

Here’s how the boots' properties will change after the enhancement process is finished:

- If there is a Fire Resist X%, Cold Resist X%, Lightning Resist X% or Poison Resist X% present, then it will be increased by 2-3 (randomly);
- Kick Damage +10-15 is always added;
- +30-40% Enhanced Defense is always added;
- +5-15 Life is always added;
- If item doesn't have X% Faster Run/Walk, then 12% Faster Run/Walk will be added to it;
- If item has 10% Faster Run/Walk, then 10% Faster Run/Walk will be added to it;
- If item has 20% Faster Run/Walk or 25% Faster Run/Walk, then 5% Faster Run/Walk will be added to it;
- If item has 30% Faster Run/Walk, then 6% Faster Run/Walk will be added to it;
- If item has 40% Faster Run/Walk, then 8% Faster Run/Walk will be added to it.
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