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On our server there is a 10% chance to get a unique ring as a reward for completing these quests. Here’s a process behind choosing which of the unique rings to give as a reward.

1)First of all the ring’s ilvl is calculated:
ring_ilvl = MAX(char_lvl, (char_lvl + 3 * npc_lvl) / 4)
where char_lvl is your character’s level, and npc_lvl is the level of NPC who gives a quest reward.
MAX () - function, the result of which is the maximum of its argument.
The division is integer.

Ilvl – is a hidden property of the item. You can check this value via C3PO or similar program.

NPC levels as per difficulty (Normal/Nightmare/Hell):
- Akara: 7/30/60
- Ormus: 21/35/75
2) A list of the candidate rewards is made.
This list includes all of the unique rings which qlvl <= ring_ilvl
Qlvl – is another hidden property of an item.
Here is qlvl list for each ring:

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 Nagelring 10
Manald Heal 20
The Stone of Jordan 39
Dwarf Star 53
Raven Frost 53
Bul-Kathos' Wedding Band 66
Carrion Wind 68
Nature's Peace 77
Wisp Projector 84

2)From the previous list a certain ring is chosen randomly. The probability of choosing a particular ring is:
chance = rarity / rarity_sum
rarity is a hidden property of the item, raritu_sum is a sum of rarities of all the candidates from the list.
Here are the rarity values for each of unique rings:
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 Nagelring 15
Manald Heal 15
The Stone of Jordan 1
Dwarf Star 10
Raven Frost 10
Bul-Kathos' Wedding Band 1
Carrion Wind 3
Nature's Peace 3
Wisp Projector 1

If the candidate list is empty, or the resulting unique ring was already created (the emphasis here is on the word created – it is entirely possible to enter the game wearing a SoJ and still get another one as a quest reward) in the game, than a random Rare Ring will be given as a reward.

Here is an example of a ring generation.
Let’s say that we brought Ormus The Gibiddin on Hell difficulty and our character has the level of 60.
Let’s say, that the game decided to reward us with a unique ring.
1) Counting an ilvl.
Ormus’ npc_level on Hell is 75.
ring_ilvl = MAX(char_lvl, (char_lvl + 3 * npc_lvl) / 4) =
= MAX(60, (60 + 3 * 75) / 4) =
= MAX(60, 71)
= 71
2) Building a list of candidates.
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 Nagelring 10
Manald Heal 20
The Stone of Jordan 39
Dwarf Star 53
Raven Frost 53
Bul-Katho's Wedding Band 66
Carrion Wind 68

Nature’s Peace and Wisp Projector didn’t make the list, because their qlvl is more than 71.
3) Randomly choosing the ring from the list.
Counting a rarity_sum:
rarity_sum = 15 + 15 + 1 + 10 + 10 + 1 + 3 = 55
Probability for each ring:
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 Nagelring 15/55
Manald Heal 15/55
The Stone of Jordan 1/55
Dwarf Star 10/55
Raven Frost 10/55
Bul-Kathos' Wedding Band 1/55
Carrion Wind 3/55
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